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Rooted Love

1st Place Winner!

Ideas Forward - 24 Hour International Architecture Competition!
Project Type: Competition
Team: Kyle Bigart
Program: Utopia Love Hut
Scale: Multiple Small 
Prompt: IdeasForward Utopia Love Hut

Love and Utopia are bounded by timelessness, as well as the need for work.
Both achievable, they require constant attention and diligence, even once arrived.

Rooted Love proposes that the structure itself becomes a metaphor of the growing love. Taking a long time to develop and requiring constant attention, the structure grows with the relationship rather than being about the relationship.

‘Tree sculpting’, the natural bending and shaping of trees over a long period of time is utilized for the contemplative love hut. The structure itself will take years to grow, just as true love takes to develop. Requiring attention, each time back to tend the trees - pruning, cutting, guiding, a new experience awaits – yet a familiar one.

At the end of it all, two individual units become a whole as the trees join at the top, and the temporary interior structure is removed. Bounded by geometric form and natural utopianism; framed by us, and built by nature, here we contemplate our rooted love.

What the Jury Said:

“Between reason and utopia is the root that sustains the dream. Among the complicated and complex is the " structure" that allows the difference. The proposal allows the combination beetween root / structure the dream / utopia in an interesting way  and relevant and complex approach..”, Pedro Novo, arq.

“Rooted Love fulfilled all the criteria of a winning design: simple yet strong concept, beautiful design, aesthetically pleasing presentation, and in-depth descriptions of features and details. The entry lets nature grow the hut over time as a metaphor of love and (lasting) human relationships developing and maturing at a steady and sustainable pace. The element of time in this spatial construct has been introduced very poetically.” Alexander Walter, arq.

“Rooted Love is conceived as a perfect metaphor of established utopia through a very simple hut. What is the interesting in design that the structure is able to develop itself with different shapes, colors, utopias, structures and discourses that can be articulated in a much more innovative way, either architecturally or fertilely. The design approach relies on its innovative and original attributes through personalities or structural analysis. The presentation is very understandable, easily readable and colors represented here, emphasizes different spatial arrangements and this gives a technical clue about how it will be developed, or can be transformed for the future arrangements. Materiality, texture and construction values are well defined here.” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arq.

“The author of «Rooted Love» offered a beautiful metaphor for growing love. According to the author's idea the enduring love should be expressed in a live blooming designs in a form of the geodesic Fuller's dome. Two tree trunk, symbolizing two lovers, growing together and coalescing, eventually forming a unified whole. Great idea and excellent presentation.” Maria Malitskaya, arq.

What is a 24 Hour Competition?

IdeasForward puts on 24-Hour competitions. A small prompt is published weeks before the competition, giving only an indication of a theme. Then, on the day of the competition, a full prompt is published, detailing out specific competition requirements (6am EST). 24 Hours after publishing the competition prompt, the submissions are due. All work is done within those 24 Hours.

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